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This band started of as a group of friends from Friesland. The members all love to make music with their own respective instruments. Soon after this the idea to start a band came. Because of several ideas everyone had to achieve this, it took us a little while. These same ideas did however make the band what it is today.
After we started playing music more often, we started to attune to eachother on a musical level. We started to understand each other's music taste and appreciate each other's opinion. Because of all this our band is diverse in its style of playing and we play everything from rock to folk.

The band currently consists of six members. With these six members everything is being done to make and play songs we all enjoy and appreciate. Everyone in the band wants to show what he or she can do and therefore we try to use every instrument optimally in every song. By doing this everyone has a part in every song to be proud of. Music is the language that we all speak and we want to share this experience with the world. The band is very ambitious. We once started, because it was a fun way to spend time together, but now we also want to start making music a bit more serious. All of us experience a lot of joy while making the music and this is the feeling we would like to share with everyone.

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Band members

Debora Albada

"Your voice is a gate that leads to something deep in your heart"

Edser Apperloo

"Don't play with just your hands, play with your heart. For only then your music sounds perfect"

Abe Brandsma

"Behind every sentence and every note there is a meaning"

Maarten Jorna

"I have a guitar"

Joost Hobma

"Music without bass is like socks in sandals. One could, but it's ridiculous"

Coos Kruisenga

"No building can stand without a foundation, no band without a drummer"







Jamsession - Swaentje Balk - 08-01-2016
Photos by Alec Meijerink


PWStival - Bogerman Sneek - 02-12-2016
Photos by Marsha Zeldenrust and Lotte Vlietstra


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